Things You Wish You Knew When Planning Your Wedding

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There is always that time where you would think back at your wedding and wished that if you had known it earlier it would have been great or “If I knew this early we could have done it like this.” Here are a few things you should know when planning out your wedding.

First things first, remember that no matter how much you plan in to detail or how long you have been planning the wedding you will always have regrets thinking of ways it could have been better. Do not be surprised when you come up with ideas after the event. Save those ideas for your siblings or friends.

Write down the most important things on a checklist. Ideas and important things that are to be remembered is always forgotten in the moment so always remember to write them down whenever it comes to your mind. Once you have the check list get your priorities right. Things that have to be done immediately get it done. Things that is less priority can be done later. When it comes to wedding photographers Perth it is important that all the important things are captured.

So, make sure you tell the wedding photography in advance whatever you have planned or and special rituals that has to be captured. There are weddings I have seen where the groom does a surprise dance with some of his mates but the Perth wedding photographer was unaware of it and couldn’t capture it perfectly as he could have.

A few other things that you not want regret is that it’s okay to skip unwanted rituals that doesn’t mean anything to you. For example you don’t want to throw your bouquet behind and realize you threw it too hard it fell on the buffet table. Embarrassing moments like this can be avoided if you had avoided the ritual all together. 

When inviting people to your wedding make sure you invite the most important people first but do not get carried away by inviting everyone. You will regret later saying I should have invited them instead of these people. Well, always think before sending those invites.

The other important thing is make sure your bridesmaids and others who are involved in the organizing of the event knows everything that is happening. Make sure you delegate all the work before the final day. You will not be able to get anything done as you will be busy with photographs and doing what the wedding couple needs to do. There are a lot of things that needs to be remembered so make sure you always ask advice from someone who has already organized a wedding.