Capturing The Most Precious Moments

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After nine months of wondering, praying and preparing, a new baby’s arrival brings a certain kind of joy that can’t be explained. An overwhelming kind of joy that prompts family members to form a permanent bond with their cameras in order to capture as many of those precious moments before they pass.

Although the new mommy might usually not be as keen, new baby photography is a genre in its own right and is a way to make those first memories last forever. 

Very important, however, is to remember that there are in fact tricks of the trade that can be applied to new baby photography, especially during the hospital time. Before launching the snapping brigade, remember to make sure the photographer knows which pictures will be the most memorable. Be sure to capture the following:

• Baby’s arrival with as little graphics as possible
• The first time they cry
• A picture when they are being weighed
• Daddy and baby’s first meeting
• Mommy and baby’s first meeting
• First family photo
• Close-up picture of baby
• Baby in his hospital bassinet
• Picture with any other brothers and sisters
• Baby’s first bath

Going into labour and having a baby is a lot more overwhelming that anyone expects, so be sure not to overlook things that will be memories in a few months’ time because you are too focused on the basics and getting everything over with.

The day will end up being a blur and it will feel like seconds instead of hours. Taking enough photos of your new baby will help you to remember the moments that you perhaps didn’t get a chance to savour the first time around. The above list should serve as an indication of the kind of things you can prepare for, even if you simply write them down for your husband. And yes, most people have a new-born shoot very soon after leaving the hospital; however this is not the same as having actual memories of the birth and first experiences.

Birth photography is a beautiful thing. Many parents also opt to hire a photographer. There are many skilled and experienced birth photographers available who will handle the shoot as professionals and parents often choose the kind of photos that they are comfortable with. These moments go beyond what may be generally accepted and photographers often consider things like the right environment, lighting, traffic in and out of the room etc before just snapping away. Whether or not you make the decision to hire a professional or use a family member to take photographs, remember that it is a very special day for your family that you will be glad to have been able to capture.